Is it Zoom Fatigue, or is it Awful Audio?

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Posted on Nov 9, 2022

Nobody ever turned off their audio so their video would come in better.

Great audio is the bedrock upon which great virtual events are built. I maintain that speakers should listen to themselves every time before they present. Whenever I deliver talks online, I use a broadcast mic. I sound like a credible authority—a radio or news announcer—especially compared with some guy on his phone wearing a dollar-store headset.

In this video, I did a test with my camera’s built-in mic versus my high-quality audio, and the difference was stark. Which would you rather listen to?

Your audio quality matters.

So what should you do? Invest in a $5,000 studio setup? No need - with a decent microphone and good technique (sitting up straight, being close to the microphone), you can sound better than 99% of the so-called professionals out there who don’t invest in their setup.

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