Tractus Still Source Generator for NDI®

NDI Utilities
Posted on Mar 12, 2023

Here at Tractus, we’re huge fans of Network Device Interface (NDI). It allows us to set up awesome hybrid productions. For almost all our hybrid events, NDI is being used at some point.

Often, we need to display a holding (generic) slide. We have usually used the Test Patterns from NDI Tools, but often we want to have a dedicated named source.

Now we have this tool for ourselves. Given how useful it is, we decided to release it to the public.

The Tractus NDI® Still Source Generator is a simple Windows app that will output a selected image as a named NDI source. It supports JPG, PNG, and BMP images, including transparency.

The app will also display tally lights (preview and program).

Download the Still Source Generator for NDI®

For more information on NDI, visit NDI® is a registered trademark of NewTek, Inc.