How to Use Your Android or iPhone as a Webcam using NDI|HX

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Posted on Dec 9, 2022

You might think that in order to look your best on camera as a content creator or speaker, you need a top-of-the-line camera. Perhaps a DSLR with expensive lenses, powerful enough to see details on the moon. Otherwise, you can’t create high-quality content for your brand.


Wrong! If you have an iPhone or Android phone in your pocket, you already have a fantastic quality camera ready to go.

Check out this video where Elias explains just how to use your smartphone as a camera on your computer.

How to Use Your iPhone as a Webcam

In order to transform your iPhone into a webcam, you will need two tools.

First, you’ll need to install NDI Tools on your PC or Mac. It’s a free download. Once installed, you’ll need to launch the Webcam app.

Next, install the NDI|HX Camera app on your iPhone or Android phone. Depending on your platform it may be a paid app. Launch the app when it’s installed.

In the video at 3:23, you’ll see how to set the NDI Webcam app on your PC to use the phone as your webcam. In the Webcam program, click the cog beside Video 1, and select your Phone from the list of devices.

Finally, go to your program of choice, such as Zoom or Teams. Switch it to use NDI Webcam Video 1.

Now you’re using your phone as your webcam!

Remember, most smartphones have fantastic cameras. Why not use what you already have to create amazing content?

Take your virtual event production to the next level

Whether you’re a speaker at a virtual event, recording webinar content for yourself, or coaching your virtual event speakers, good lighting makes the difference between an amateur speaker and a professional speaker. It’s only part of the professional online speaker equation. With the right camera angle and clean, crisp audio, you’ll be positioned as a credible authority on your topic.

Our clients love that we work directly with their speakers to bring out their best, no matter their experience level. If your content looks and sounds good, you (and your speakers) will gain recognition as a credible authority on your topic. That will make the difference between attendees sticking around at your event and tuning out.