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Posted on Nov 11, 2020

Zoom, the maker of the most-used meeting app on the planet, has released a new version of their virtual and hybrid event product, Zoom Events.

If you missed Zoomtopia 2022, it was a hybrid experience that showcased what Zoom has coming for its customers in 2023 and beyond. In short, they are making a play into permanent hybrid experiences. Part of this is events.

Zoom has been making inroads in the event market since the start of the pandemic. They purchased ZoomISO, the leading professional broadcast software for virtual and hybrid events. Now, they want to make Zoom the first, last, and only choice when it comes to meeting online, in-person, and hybrid.

We covered more about Zoom Event in our Zoomtopia Zoom Event primer video.

What does this mean for my virtual or hybrid event?

You may be wondering, “so do we just use Zoom Events” for our virtual or hybrid events? Can we DIY the whole shebang?


What Zoom has done is make their platform, installed on so many computers around the world, and adapted it for events. The technology piece is much easier to work with now.

What hasn’t changed are all the requirements to put on a memorable, profitable virtual event. Every great event still needs:

  • Speaker rehearsals, to make sure your speakers look, sound, and be their best on event day.
  • E-mail communication strategy, to make sure your attendees show up!
  • Social media marketing.
  • A North Star, which tells everyone why we’re gathered.
  • A hybrid production plan, to make sure both audiences feel welcomed and part of the event.
  • Session moderator training, so moderators and facilitators bring the best questions to the speakers and keep your conference on track.

While you can DIY and put on a virtual event with Zoom Events, should you?

Remember, the bar to holding virtual events is lower than ever. But you want to make sure your brand puts on a memorable and profitable event. The last thing you want is for your event to feel like it was dreamed up on Monday, with tickets on sale Tuesday, for a keynote and multi-session extravaganza on Wednesday.

Tractus Events has been producing virtual and hybrid events for a long time, and we’ve seen many event tech fads come and go. Our clients trust us to represent their brand and put on a show that’s memorable and profitable. We’re here to help you figure out how to put on a memorable, profitable event.

Take your virtual event production to the next level

Whether you’re a speaker at a virtual event, recording webinar content for yourself, or coaching your virtual event speakers, you need to sound like an expert. It’s part of the professional online speaker equation. With the right camera angle and clean, crisp audio, you’ll be positioned as a credible authority on your topic.

Our clients love that we work directly with their speakers to bring out their best, no matter their experience level. If your content looks and sounds good, you (and your speakers) will gain recognition as a credible authority on your topic. That will make the difference between attendees sticking around at your event and tuning out.