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Tractus Produces the Client Ascension 2023 Tampa Mastermind

Elevating the Event Experience for Online and In-Person Attendees for Client Ascension’s Yearly Mastermind

Having faced challenges coordinating with audio/visual providers for their past events, Client Ascension wanted expert help with sourcing, setting up, and operating the audio/visual production for their Tampa mastermind. With a projected audience 130 people, A-level speakers like Justin Welch and Eddie Maalouf, the event demanded a flawless audiovisual setup to ensure a successful and engaging experience for both in-person and online participants.

The Challenge

Tractus recognized that Client Ascension needed to deliver a high quality event to their in-person audience, and provide an engaging experience for attendees tuned in online.

Tractus’ Solution

The Client Ascension event team turned to Tractus Events and Elias, who took care of all elements of their live event and live stream production:

  • Audio/Visual Planning & Setup: Tractus sourced and contracted a local Tampa audio/visual company, Visual Advantage, to bring the sound system, microphones, and TVs needed for the in-person production.

  • Staging Setup: Tractus sourced and contracted a local Tampa event logistics company, Event Options, to deliver, set up, and tear down the stage used for the event.

  • Planning & Coordination: Tractus worked with the client, their speakers, and the venue to arrange physical setup, and make sure speakers had any special requests accommodated (e.g. music to play during live Q&A).

  • Live Stream Graphic Design: Using Client Ascension’s brand, we came up with holding slides, titles, and graphics for the live stream and breaks.

  • Live Stream & Audio/Visual Production: Tractus ran the audio/visual for the live event and streamed out the production to Client Ascension’s Twitter and YouTube accounts. We also worked with Client Ascension’s videography team led by Cam Meunier.

  • On-Site Logistics: The Tractus team arrived ahead of the event to ensure the audio/visual setup was completed as required, that the internet connection provided would work for the event, and make sure the room was ready for the mastermind.

Show Day - Hour by Hour

11:30 PM: We get access to the venue. Venue staff are cleaning up from the previous event, a wedding reception.

11:45 PM: the audio/visual team arrives with televisions, microphones, and cables. We start unloading their truck.

11:55 PM: the truck with our stage arrives. Not all venues supply stages - we had to rent one.

12:00 AM: set up begins. The A/V team starts setting up the TVs and wiring them in, the stage crew gets the stage unloaded and set up at the front of the room.

12:55 AM: the first phase of set up is finished. Stage is in place, the TVs and sound system are wired up, and we’re ready to test everything.

1:45 AM: the initial equipment test is complete. We have handheld microphones and headsets for all our presenters. Time to test the live stream.

2:15 AM: the live stream test is complete. We’ll be streaming to YouTube and Twitter in the morning.

7:45 AM: back on site. Troubleshoot a last-minute glitch with one of the televisions. Turns out it needed to be turned off and back on again. We start a last-minute streaming test to make sure the internet works.

8:15 AM: we lay out power cables and HDMI cables for the videography crew.

8:30 AM: the awesome videography crew arrives with their stellar cameras. We’re tapping into three of them to get video for the live stream.

8:55 AM: all the cameras are set up, taped down, and ready to rock. We delay start for 10 minutes to give folks a chance to roll in and grab a seat.

9:05 AM: the live stream starts.

5:15 PM: the event wraps up. The audio/visual crew arrives to take their equipment, and the staging crew rolls up too.

5:45 PM: tear-down is complete. All the equipment is packed away for the next event.

Watch Metrics

Twitter: 23,500 views, with 86,000 tweet impressions

YouTube: 4,892 views

Total: 28,392 views (live audience was 150)

A Successful Event Becomes a Lead Magnet

With tens of thousands of views online, the Client Ascension event became not just a great memory, but a lead magnet that continues to bring clients into the Client Ascension program.

The Client Ascension team has created new content for their YouTube channels from the event, including their panel discssion on How to Find the Right Business Partner, and How we Built a $1,000,000 Online Coaching Program.

What Trina had to Say:

“Elias took care of all the audio and video and set up, he coordinated with me and the event contacts, the venue contacts, he coordinated with local A/V crews to get all the tech we needed for the event, and he took care of the live stream. We ended up live streaming the event which was seen over 18,000 times on Twitter which resulted in a bunch of new students joining [Client Ascension], which was incredible.”

Trina Nuance, Community Manager, Client Ascension

Watch the Live Stream

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