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How we Created an Amazing, High-Value Networking Event for Client Ascension

When Andrew Connellan, a student success coach at Client Ascension, envisioned an online student networking event, he knew he had to create an engaging and organized experience. That’s when Tractus Events stepped in, leveraging innovative solutions to prevent what could have been a chaotic event. The result was a seamless, highly-engaging, and structured networking event that surpassed expectations.

The Challenge

Andrew planned to use a basic Zoom call to accommodate between 60 to 100 students. However, he realized the task had a lot of complications:

  • Lack of structure and organization
  • The overwhelming amount of technology required
  • Potential for high costs from specialized software
  • Fear of technical errors during the event

Tractus’ Solution

Andrew turned to Tractus Events and Elias, who diagnosed the flaws in the initial plan and offered a customized solution. The services provided by Elias’s team included:

  • Streamlined, Easy-to-Follow Plans: Elias simplified the complexities of hosting a large-scale online event and provided the platform and all the tech for our networking event.

  • Focused, Intimate Breakout Rooms: We used polls to place participants in their desired topic rooms, it allowed students to choose their breakout sessions, enhancing user engagement.

  • Documentation: Elias provided a highly detailed event guide, breaking down each moment for seamless execution.

  • Support for Speakers and Coaches: Ease of access and clarity were provided for coaches coming to give lectures and talks.

A Successful, High-Engagement Event

Elias transformed a potentially chaotic event into a structured and engaging networking opportunity. The highlights include:

  • High Engagement: Thanks to the structure provided, students could meaningfully interact, and the engagement rates remained high throughout the event.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: The software and planning needed were optimized for cost, avoiding the hundreds of dollars often charged for such events.

  • Streamlined Organization: Andrew found himself virtually free from the operational hassles, allowing him to focus on his primary job as a student success coach.

  • Clear Communication: The comprehensive guide that Elias prepared ensured everyone was on the same page, thereby eliminating confusion.

What Andrew had to Say:

“I got in contact with Tractus to help me run an online networking event. Elias and his team helped structure and plan the event for us. He also provided a phenomenal document breaking down every minute of the event. When the event began, it was so seamless. I didn’t have to spend hours planning, plotting, and scrambling to organize everything. I was able to continue teaching my students and doing my job as opposed to trying to run around and organize an event online. Even just the consultation alone, explaining how the event should work, how to manage it, and how to coordinate the breakout rooms was worth its weight in gold.”

Andrew Connellan, Student Success Coach, Client Ascension

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