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How a Georgia-Based Company Transformed Their Trade Show Strategy to Increase Sales and ROI Thanks to Tractus

Breaking Down the Complexity of Exhibiting at Trade Shows

Trade shows offer companies an unparalleled opportunity to make lasting connections, generate leads, and drive sales. However, the complexity and nuance involved in setting up a booth can make or break your trade show success.

The Challenge

STIMS had been attending trade shows for years but struggled to make an impact. The booth was run by a software developer whose expertise didn’t necessarily translate to effective sales strategies. The booth often went unnoticed, and it rarely generated leads, let alone sales. STIMS needed a strategy for their trade show appearance… or they were going to drop trade shows from their marketing efforts.

Tractus Solution: A Holistic Trade Show Exhibitor Strategy Makeover

The company consulted with Elias from Tractus Events to give their trade show approach a much-needed overhaul. Together, they focused on three key elements:

  1. Booth Design and Branding: They decided to create eye-catching banners and promotional materials. A special QR code was incorporated into the banner to make it easier for attendees to book a demo or visit their landing page.

  2. Live Demos: A 55-inch screen was set up at the booth to run live demos of their software, aiming to attract and engage the crowd.

  3. Booking Appointments: Instead of merely collecting business cards, the focus was on immediately scheduling demos with interested parties, even if it had to be done the old-fashioned way—by pen and paper.

Success on Multiple Fronts

After implementing these changes, the company booked ten demos during the trade show, a first in their history. The demos they ran at the show generated immediate interest, putting the company in a good position for future sales.

STIMS closed two sales right after the show, worth $16,000, and had an additional $40,000 in the sales pipeline, attributable to the trade show.

Attendees and clients noticed their booth for the first time, commenting that this was the best the company’s booth had ever looked. The company felt confident enough to start looking for other trade shows to attend.

According to the company, the sales generated from this single event could fund their attendance at this particular trade show for the next ten years, making it a lucrative venture. Kyle also mentioned that they now can’t wait to exhibit at their next trade show.

What Kyle had to Say:

“Before I talked to Elias, our trade show booth in the past hadn’t brought in many new sales. We were debating whether it was going to be worth attending trade shows in the future. I wanted Elias’ take on how to run our booth, and how to get people to sign up for demos. Thanks to the strategies you provided on our consultation call, we closed $16,000 worth of new business, with another $40,000 in the pipeline. I felt like I was running a million dollar company when you helped me think through our trade show booth strategy. I appreciated your attention to detail. Everybody was coming up to us saying this was the best our booth has ever looked.”

Kyle Renz, Head of Sales and Operations, STIMS Fleet Management

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