Tractus Bandwidth Monitor for NDI®

View how much bandwidth your NDI sources use, and which network adapter you are receiving data from.

Last updated Mar 24, 2023

This tool does one task - show you how much bandwidth each of your NDI sources uses.

We have documented in a few blog posts the internals of this tool.

With each device you select, the tool creates an NDI receiver. It requests video in NDI’s preferred video space. Theoretical performance should be maximized. The tool doesn’t display the frames - it frees them as soon as they’re received. The focus of this tool is pure bandwidth.

Based on the current code, it may take a few seconds for bandwidth readings to stabilize. Sources on the local machine may or may not register a bandwidth reading either.

The app will display for you:

  • Incoming bandwidth received from an NDI source
  • Ports and protocols used by an NDI source

NOTE: The app uses packet inspection to calculate bandwidth usage. If you are receiving other data from a particular IP address, that will be included in the bandwidth utilization calcuation as well.

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