Tractus Router for NDI®

Route your NDI® sources with a simple HTTP API.

Last updated Dec 8, 2023

Seamless NDI Routing - Route NDI Sources to an Unlimited Number of Output Slots using an HTTP API

Most NDI Routers are designed to emulate hardware routers. In the world of cloud production and decentralized management, we set out to rethink the router.

Why Choose Router for NDI?

Unlimited Output Slots

Break free from the limitations of traditional routers. With Router for NDI, add as many output slots as you need, all through a user-friendly HTTP API.

Unlike the NDI Tools Router, which is limited to 4 output slots, Router for NDI empowers you with the ability to expand as your needs grow. This means more sources, more outputs, and more creative possibilities.

Effortless Control and Configuration via HTTP API

The simple HTTP API make managing your outputs straightforward. From adding and deleting slots to renaming and resetting, everything can be done from your browser’s address bar - or using Bitfocus Companion.

Discover Router for NDI today and redefine what’s possible in your streaming and broadcasting endeavors.

Licensing: One-Time Purchase, Use Anywhere

Since Router for NDI is a simple utility, we’re releasing this as a one-time purchase. Buy a license, and use it wherever you want. No DRM, no “phoning home,” just run and use.

Special Offer - Free with Multiview for NDI

If you have a subscription to our Multiview for NDI, Router for NDI is included! If you haven’t seen Multiview for NDI, it allows you to not just route your sources, but preview them, perform PTZ camera control on supported sources, and more.

API Documentation


Lists out all the output slots.


Removes the NDI source from a slot and assigns the “blank” sender.

  • name: Name of the slot

Sets the NDI source on a slot.

  • name: Name of the slot
  • source: NDI source to set

Adds a new output slot. Option to set a default source.

  • name: Name of the new slot
  • source (optional): Default NDI source to set

Deletes an output slot.

  • name: Name of the slot to delete

Renames an output slot.

  • name: Current name of the slot
  • newName: New name for the slot

Removes all slots.


Lists all the NDI sources visible to the router.