Tractus Test Source Generator for NDI®

Send out test patterns and test tones for NDI.

Last updated Mar 28, 2024

While working on Multiview and NDI audio interfaces, I needed a way to generate “real” NDI sources when I didn’t feel like breaking my equipment out of storage.

Tools like Screen Capture and Test Patterns are great, but I found they didn’t quite do what I wanted.

I also wanted to have a source that “simulated” a dedicated device like a PTZ camera as much as possible.

I wanted to create test sources to help with troubleshooting sync, debugging my NDI setups, and to have placeholder sources before virtual productions.

That’s where my Source Generator for NDI comes in.

It’s a simple console app that allows you to:

  • Select whether you want color bars or a fading animated blue background for a background source
  • Choose what output frame rate to send frames to NDI (e.g. if you pick 30 FPS, it’ll send 30 frames, not just report that it’s a 30 FPS source)
  • Choose whether you want a sliding white bar (helps to diagnose sync issues)
  • Generate a 440Hz test tone with any sample rate between 44100 and 96000 Hz, with an arbitrary number of audio channels
  • Choose a custom machine name for your source
  • Choose a custom name for your source

Note: This project is open source and can be downloaded from here: If you find it useful, please consider purchasing a copy.

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